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little cyprus is not going to be able to keep all this wonderful energy, it is too hot of a commodity. a lot of deals made. neil: we shall see, thank you very were. i just know that. this is getting old, and europeans will say, it ain't worth it. >> remember chris farley, and patrick swayze as strippers, one of the funniest saturday night live sketches ever. now, think health budget, and senate budget. see, i can have a neat parallel, not identit identical. chris and pat made me laugh, but fact that senate and house has a budget, i am telling you, it is giving me hope. you cado just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructuture, global broadband network andc, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. neil: night and day, mutt and jeff, tom and jerry, wi wile e coyotes and the road runner, you get it. the senate does not go after entitlements. the house does, and house largely leaves defense alone, senate does not, without sounding like opening of the odd couple how can different budget authors ge
's unemployment insurance, energy costs, costs of gas, food costs, and the margins are shrinks and shrinking and shrinking, and to raise the minimum wage, these are entry level positions, not meant to be there forever, so the -- the fact that you are going to try to put more people out of business, you have to understand that there's a balance that needs to be made, and i don't think that was taken into account. neil: i have to ask about one of the issues of balance discussed of like a lower training wage, in other words, go to mcdonald's, burger king, whatever, starting out, you have a lower wage than some of the people who have been there a little longer. is that a middle ground? >> you need a full, fair, and open discussion with businesses at the tame. what happens in washington -- neil: they never want to raise wages? >> that's not true. they want quality workers and have incentives whether it's through perks, health memberships, you know, trips, whatever they are going to keep people there, i have found, in my state, we have, obviously, a higher wage than the national average. we want t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)